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DP World Paramaribo Dr. Jules Sedney Port
Integra Port Services (DP Word Paramaribo) is a subsidiary of DP World, the 3rd largest terminal operator in the world. DP World Paramaribo is the largest local container terminal operator working at the Dr. Jules Sedney Port under the concession of Havenbeheer Suriname. In 2011 DP World acquired a controlling interest in Integra Port Services NV, as part of the local holding Integra Marine & Freight Services and since then they are locally registered as Integra Port Services NV / DP World Paramaribo. We offer vessel and yard operation services with state-of the-art equipment, container freight services (CFS) services, LCL storage facilities, container stuffing and stripping services, Roll-On Roll-Off services and Reefer Station monitoring using a terminal operating system (TOS). Through these services we offer a unique stevedoring experience to our global and regional carrier customers. With our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 certification we aim to deliver quality of service against the highest safety standards in the business.
Our Services:
Container handling
Container handling is our core business. Our company stores and handles containers which are either empty or full for import & export; With an annual capacity of 130.000 Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TUE), we are able to deliver the lowest truck-turn around time against the highest yard productivity within the local market. This performance is mainly possible due to our state of the art equipment which consists of

3 Gotwald Mobile Harbour Cranes ( MHC),
3 Rubber Tyre Gantries (RTGs),
4 Reach stackers( Kalmar+Terex),
3 Empty Container Handlers (2 Hyster’s & 1 Kalmar)
11 Internal Truck Vehicles.
Reefer containers
Reefer containers are for goods that are perishable or extremely sensitive. Our shared reefer station is equipped with 119 plugs, 90% of which are used to facilitate our customers' reefer containers. With over 10 years of knowledge of reefer handling in Suriname, we treat approximately 5000-8000 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) to reefer containers annually and as an additional service we offer reefer washes and control using our terminal control system, along with maintenance and repair facilities.
Container stripping & stuffing
In our Container Freight Station (CFS) area we offer container stripping and stuffing with a maximum capacity of approximately 20 stuff or strip assignments per day. With over 20 years of expertise in container stripping and stuffing, we are able to handle a wide variety of cargo types in this field.
Warehouse services
We professionally coordinate and optimize logistics solutions for our customers. We can take advantage of locations and offer our customers more efficient and cost effective solutions. With an annual capacity of 30,000 tons and a fleet of 12 forklift trucks (ranging from 2.5 to 12 tons) and 4 electric forklift trucks (ranging from 1.4 to 2.4 tons) With our commitment to the environment to the community we are looking for a warehouse for both general cargo and palletized cargo.
Roll on- Roll off ( RO-RO)
ROLL-ON/ROLL-OFF ships are vessels, specially designed to carry cargo on wheels such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers or other equipment that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. At DP World Paramaribo we offer Ro-RO discharge services were with professional personnel , to drive the vehicles on and off the vessel in a safe and efficient manner.
Suriname Port Services NV
Suriname Port Services NV is a private subsidiary terminal owned by DP World Paramaribo and located at La Vigilantia close to Paranam. This terminal has 73 meters of concrete riverfront wharf supported by a 21,000 square meter storage yard. La Vigilantia is dedicated to handling project cargoes for the mining, oil and forestry sectors as well as for cement cargoes. Using a mooring dolphin, the terminal can accept vessels of up to 200 meters in length. Suriname Port Services NV offers flexible pricing structures for mainly Log,-Gravel and mining facilities and has 13.2 meters perfect turning basin. Suriname Port Services NV is currently undergoing a terminal rehabilitation which should improve its facility in warehousing and HSE compliance to facility offshore oil and gas industry in Suriname. With our ISPS, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 certification we aim to deliver quality of service against the highest safety standards in the business.
Our Services:
Shore based services for off shore oil – and gas operations
Suriname Port Services NV provides terminal service for offshore oil - & gas operations worldwide. Through our global experience we offer our clients tailored service that is specific to their needs while maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental protection.
Handling of heavy lift – and oversized cargo
At Suriname Port Services NV we have professional staff with experience in handling various types of heavy and oversized cargo. We have contributed to major projects of shipping lines and local industrial clients to load and discharge over-sized and heavy cargoes in a safe way which reduced costs in getting the cargo to the customers premises. We have partnered with other organizations within the local market who are specialist in providing equipment for oversized cargo, which are aligned with our standards to ensure easy loading/unloading to container vessels.
Handling of IMDG-, Logs-, Clinker- & Gravel cargo
IMDG, logs -, clinker-, and gravel cargo are specialized cargos capable of posing risk to health, safety or the environment. At Suriname Port Services NV we are equipped with the right equipment and knowledge to ensure that these cargo types are treated according to the local and international standards to ensure the safety, environmental protection and regulatory compliance from pick up to delivery.
Project cargo & Break-Bulk operations
Our wide range of experience in handling different types of cargo world wide has generated a wealth of international and local knowledge on execute accurate project cargo and breakbulk operations for the industrial industry. Our ability to perform in the midst of adversity when it comes to logistic complexity, has developed our project cargo skills to still deliver according to our client’s needs.
Rental of equipment and office spaces for projects
We offer equipment and office rental services for projects which require the presence of our clients at our terminal. Our flexible rating structure makes rental for project cargo affordable.
Storage facilities (open-and warehouse storage)
We offer flexible warehousing solutions for indoor and outdoor storage. Our facility is secured 24/7 with CCTV and physical object security. This way we aim to add value to our clients supply chain.
General Terms and Conditions
General Terms and Conditions