Our Approach to Sustainability
"Ensuring everything we do leaves long-term benefits for the world we live in."
As a global logistics leader, DP World enables smarter trade to create a better future for everyone.
DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ sustainability strategy guides our approach. It helps us to work in a responsible way that prioritizes sustainability and impact on the people, communities and environment in which we operate.

Global trade has been an enormous force for good in recent decades. But it’s increasingly clear that this growth is not without consequence – from the scale of energy required to make, move and use goods to the resource intensity of logistics and the challenges economic growth can bring. As a leading enabler of global trade, we believe we have the tools, ingenuity and drive to lead a revolution in logistics.

We do this by using new smart technologies to make our operations more sustainable. In doing so, we cut energy and resource use, and create a fairer and more connected planet. The ‘Our World, Our Future’ strategy is designed to deliver responsible operations. At the same time, it prepares us for a radical shift in how business in general, and logistics in particular, respond to the great challenges of climate change, education and social inequality.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naaMJ7Tp5hs#action=share (Our World, Our Future video)
Our World: Seven Priorities
As a global business, having strong foundations to ensure we are operating responsibly is vital to our long-term success.
To achieve this, ‘Our World’ strategy focuses on efforts to operate as a responsible business across seven priority areas.

The logistics industry exposes us to a wide range of health and safety risks.
Our goal is to make sure everyone goes home safe by adopting a zero harm approach,
and building a culture where safety is naturally ingrained into our everyday actions and mind-set.

Keeping supply chains secure is critical to ensure the safety of our people and operations.
We are a member of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, Authorized Economic Operator,
Container Security Initiative and Mega ports, helping us to secure the supply chain.

We believe in promoting the emotional, financial, social and physical wellbeing of our people to help them thrive.
We’re developing a culture that prioritizes wellness in all aspects of work and life, within a measurable framework
that we can report on.

DP World’s Code of Ethics sets out how we maintain international best practice in preventing conflicts of interest,
fraud, insider trading, misuse of information and modern slavery. We focus on creating an honest and open culture
to build trust and foster strong relationships.

5.Community Engagement
We use our strong relationship with communities to improve social outcomes.
From direct community investment to employee volunteering and charitable giving,
we invest in and improve the communities in which we operate.

https://vimeo.com/311836995 (Volunteer Week video)

6.Climate Change
From the scale of energy required to make and move goods to the resource intensity of logistics,
we focus on measuring and managing our direct environmental impacts.
Our aim is to proactively contribute to the pressing issue of global climate change.

https://vimeo.com/232344553 (Solar Power video)

7.People Development
Offering continuous development opportunities enables our colleagues to achieve strong business success and personal growth.
We provide targeted learning and development experiences to give us a competitive advantage in smart trade.
Sustainable Development Goals
DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ strategy is split into two components which aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The first, ‘Our World’, focuses on the efforts we are making today to operate as a responsible business across seven priority areas. It is delivered through ambitious commitments, to be achieved by 2030. The second part of the strategy, ‘Our Future’, looks at the lasting legacy we will leave on our industry and society. It focuses on three areas where we can make a positive difference for future generations: Education, Women and Oceans. We have set out a series of pledges to be delivered by 2030.

To deliver our strategy we are working with leading organisations, partners, individuals and institutions. In 2019, we were pleased to join the UN Global Compact. We also committed to platforms at the World Economic Forum to drive collaborative steps for growth and development. And we created new initiatives with our existing partners Blue Marine Foundation, Logistics Emergency Team and IMPACT2030.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jWbBYZPE2Y (SDGs video)

The 17 SDG’s address major issues such as ending poverty and hunger, improving health and education, combating climate change, and protecting our oceans and forests.
Sustainability Objectives DP World Paramaribo 2020
De lokale doelstellingen van het duurzaamheidsbeleid van DP World Paramaribo richt zich in 2020 op:
Through DP World's various sustainability initiatives, we help meet the SDGs in different ways.
Read more about our past and upcoming initiatives.
Annual plan 2020
Annual plan 2020
Project Proposals
Do you want to help achieve sustainable development? Do you have a vision on how to reach this? Is your project linked to one of our 2020 sustainable objectives and are you looking for a partnership?

Submit your project proposal & budget and we may collaborate with your organization on the initiative. Send your completed project proposals to our sustainability champs;

Cherie Frankel – cherie.frankel@dpworld.com.
Robbert Dreischor – robbert.dreischor@dpworld.com.
Cherryl Polanen – cherryl.polanen@dpworld.com.

For more information you can call the following number (+597) 40 28 90 ext. 779.
Sustainability Events
Go Green
Every year in september DP World Paramaribo organises activities in line with the DP World "Go Green week" program. the 'Go Green Week' activities are part of the "Our World, Our Future " program and can be executed in collaboration with local environmental organizations. The theme of Go Green Week in 2019 was 'Plant more Green' and aims to plant more trees in the community.

As environmental changes are an increasingly important cause for concern, one of the most efficient ways to make a meaningful impact is to increase the amount of greenery. By planting more greenery, we can bring about changes in the short and long term.

Successful execution of this project requires participation of the community. That is why DP World Paramaribo has decided to actively participate in the mangrove project with employees who volunteered to plant mangrove at Weg naar Zee.
Community volunteering
DP World Paramaribo is encouraging its employees to give back to the community through participation in volunteering activities. These volunteering activities are part of the volunteering program where DP World aims to develop the soft skills from the employees when it comes to environmental and community issues. Through out the year serveral volunteering initiatives are taken, through either partnership with other organizations or initiatives taken by employees to support the community to become secure, vibrant and lively.

In 2018 these DP World Paramaribo sustainability initiatives were recognized locally by the Surinamese trade and industry association with the prestige CSR award in the category large enterprises.
Safety week
Every year around World Health and Safety day DP World Paramaribo organizes an event or activity to emphasize the relevance around safe work practices within the community. This is done through the promotion of safe work practices for a whole week.

From July 29 to August 2th 2019, DP World Paramaribo organized the safety week in collaboration with the local Port Authority and VSH. In this week, external truckers were prepared for the stricter control measures.

The trucks were subject to a safety check. Any defects and recommendations were brought to the attention of the drivers without further measures. As of October 1st 2019, measures will be taken by the local port authority if trucks are in an unsafe condition.
Global Education Program
The DP World Global Education Program is set out to:
▪ Boost the skills aspirations and confidence of young people
▪ Raise awareness about the maritime sector and career opportunities
▪ Build employees’ soft skills

Motivational sessions Oct 3rd, 4th and 7th 2019: On October 3rd , 4th and 7th DP World Paramaribo volunteers conducted 3 motivational sessions for approx. 250 students of the NATIN secondary ,environmental & technical, vocational school.

As part of the Global education program the volunteers not only worked on developing their own soft skills towards students but they also represented DP World Paramaribo by explaining the relevance of on-time performance for the industry we are in. With these presentations DP World Paramaribo aims to encourage the students to develop a proactive behavior towards on time attendance in school which will help them develop an appropriate work attitude for possible future internships at DP World Paramaribo.

See Global education video below
March for the Ocean
As of 2018 DP World Paramaribo partnered with Green Heritage Fund Suriname as gold sponsor to organized the Annual March for ocean exhibition. March for Ocean is now becoming an annual event where Green Heritage Fund Suriname aims to raise awareness within the Surinamese community on the impact of plastic pollution on the sea animals. 12 employees volunteered to support this program by raising aware to the community on the plastic pollution issue and what DP World Paramaribo is doing to minimize the impact of their activities on the sea live and the environment.

Watch March for ocean after movie in link below