Leadership and engagement
We recognize the vital role leaders play in driving and shaping culture across our business so the intent of this pillar is to:
▪ Develop a strong culture where workers are empowered.
▪ Ensure leadership engagement of our workforce.
▪ Get commitment to the journey from everyone.
Risk reduction & improvement
The Risk Reduction and Improvement Pillar enables us to have a comprehensive understanding of business risk and provides practical approaches to eliminating or reducing them - When risks are identified controls can be implemented to eliminate or reduce them.

Our Take Time and Stop Work Authority initiatives are featured in this pillar.
Commitments we live by
The Commitments We Live By
▪ Provide simple and practical instructions to follow everyday to reduce critical risks with known hazards in our business.
▪ Are meant to draw attention to the activities or actions most likely to lead to serious injuries or fatalities.
▪ Are based on our approach to caring for our people.
▪ Focus on the personal decisions that we all have control over to protect ourselves, our colleagues and anyone that visits our workplaces from serious injury or fatality.
Know your Fatal Risk Standards
Within our industry we are exposed to high risks which can either lead to injuries or damages. Therefore it is of great importance that high risks are identified and controlled to manageable measures. Integra Port Services NV/ DP World Paramaribo identified high risk activities and established Operational Safety Standards in order to eliminate serious harm in our industry, which are known as the Fatal Risk Standards (FRS) which can be identified by a logo.
Integra Port Services NV/ DP World Paramaribo has committed itself to providing a secure workplace at all times to ensure that our business activities are conducted in a manner that complies within international and National security legislations according to SOLAS,Chapter XI 2 and Parts A and B of the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS) and ISO28000:2007. Therefore each visitors, contractors and vehicles will be screened before entering the premises of IPS/DPWP.
Group Security Policy_Mar 2019
Group HSE policy
Registration Safety induction
In order to comply with DP World's HSE policy, DP World Paramaribo provider Safety, Security, Environment & Quality inductions for all visitors who wish to enter its facilities. Here you can register for the safety induction of DP World Paramaribo. All visitors and contractors are required to follow an induction before entering the DP World Paramaribo terminal.

Important: these fields are mandatory for every visitor
ID number
Contact number
Email address
Date of birth
Company name (if applicable)
Nature of visit
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