DP World
DP World is a in Dubai based multinational which began with their first project, the development of the Dubai Port Rashid terminal in 1972 . Seven years later DP World opened Jebel Ali Port, the busiest port outside of Asia and a facility that has propelled their journey to becoming a leading enabler of global trade. In the late 1990s DP World expended their in Saudi Arabia, India and Romania as set up to expand into the business we are today, while the evolving demands of international trade spurred us to look even further.

As they went global in the 2000s DP World found new partners and made strategic investments, all to support the long-term development of the organization. Now DP World operates a geographically diverse network of trade enabling businesses that provide access to some of the world’s busiest production centers, as well as its largest consumer markets, in mature and emerging economies. Their operations include ports and terminals, but also industrial parks, logistics and economic zones, maritime services and cruise terminals.
70 million TUES
handled in 2018
50 countries
over 56,157 people
from 134 nationalities
DP World Paramaribo
In aug 2011 DP World acquired the majority shares in Integra Port Services NV, which was founded in June 2008, by our local shareholder, as subsidiary company of the Holding Integra Marine & Freight Services. As of this acquisition Integra Port Services NV changed its entity name to Integra Port Services /DP World Paramaribo at the chamber of commerce, with DP World Paramaribo as brand name.

Registered as the first company to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 certification in Suriname, DP World Paramaribo won the Caribbean Shipping Association “Port Of The Year” awards, by taking the Luddy Stewart trophy for ‘Best Multi-purpose Terminal’. These awards were received in 2011 and 2012. DP World Paramaribo is the largest terminal operator in Suriname with, state of the art equipment and international experience in executing multipurpose terminal services with the highest Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality standards throughout its Operations.
130.000 TUES
annual capacity
located in 2 districts
from 5 countries
container stacking areas
Our Global Strategy
Through our vision “Enabling Smarter trade for a better future” our strategy is to provide clear guidance on how we aim to achieve our goal to maximize shareholders value through leveraging our portfolio of world-class infrastructure assets, strengthen global supply chains and generate sustainable economic growth.
Founders Principles
The Founder’s Principles are based on values and behaviours that have been fundamental to the ongoing success of DP World.

These principles have always been - and continue to be - central to every decision our Founder, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, makes and has become the foundation for our company’s culture.

These principles define what we do and who we are and is why we are known for the shared values of our people.

DP World is a business and our continued success depends on growth. And growth extends beyond our balance sheet to encompass the development of our people, our industry and the economies and communities where we operate.
Our leadership
Our senior leadership team consists of individuals with diverse cultures which generates more insights on how we can improve our business unit to achieve better results. Our leadership team has expertise in the area of logistics, transportation, shipping agencies, commercial, terminal operations, Finance, Human Capital and engineering and has achieved a track record of successes for delivering excellent industry solutions.
Mervel- Kotzebue-Fleur
General Manager
Oscar Ricci
Operations Manager
Sobiesky Herrera
Finance Manager
Marciano Djanam
HSSEQ Manager
Thersa Wijdenbosch
Human Capital Manager
Pablo Cabrera
Engineering Manager
Our people
For DP World Paramaribo our people are the most important assets to create and sustain a prosperous organization. “People and Learning” is therefore the strategic pillar in our Business Unit. We nourish our people and help them to develop themselves by providing resources and support, so that they are not only an asset to our Business Unit but also to our local society.

DP World Paramaribo aims to attract and retain talent through competency based performance reviews, promote best practices, emphasize one on one coaching for individual growth, recognize and reward result driven behaviour.
The Speak-Up whistleblower policy is a mechanism to give all our stakeholders the opportunity to report their concerns about misconduct at the DP World Paramaribo terminal in an anonymous manner, without any fear of retribution. This report will be responded to objectively, professionally and consistently, without endangering you in any way. View our Speak-Up whistleblower policy here
Modern slavery act
As part of a multi-national, we know that we can play an important role in improving people's lives, strengthening the community and protecting the environment. This means ensuring that slavery, forced labor and human trafficking are not tolerated in our activities or those of our suppliers, this is a responsibility that we take very seriously. View our Modern Slavery act policy here
Contractors management
As part of the contractors management policy, DP World also expects that suppliers apply their code of conduct which describes the standards and behavior that we expects from our suppliers. It is intended to promote ethical business and professional conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. With this policy we try to establish a sustainable relationship with our suppliers, in which we are also active. View our code of conduct here